Second XXL Gangway nears completion for Auckland Transport

Chris MaddockBy Chris MaddockJuly 29, 20201 Minutes

The Manson team is now over halfway through the largest project we have undertaken.

Just next to The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf, Auckland Transport are building an extensive ferry complex. Manson has been contracted to complete three large gangways at approximately 33 metres long and 6 meters wide, so we are talking a massive weight and load capacity!  We have completed fabrication of the first and are busy with the final stages of the second.

The extensive size of these gangways has proved how complex transportation can be from our purpose-built factory in West Auckland. We’ve eventually managed to arrange transport overnight, involving road closures to deliver the gangway by road and sea. The structure was lifted by crane out of our factory, transported on the truck to the Henderson Concourse where it was craned onto a barge and traveled across the harbour to be delivered to its final location on Auckland’s Queens Wharf.

So far over 8,000 fabrication hours have gone into the fabrication of the two, nearly complete gangways leaving the last 33-meter gangway to be constructed before the end of 2020.