Louvre roof system


It’s a rare luxury to have such total control over the elements. Adjustable in seconds at the touch of a button, your New Zealand-made EXO louvre roof system lets you unsubscribe from the weather forecast.

The EXO louvre roof system is waterproof right up to 10 degrees open, allowing natural light to filter through in even the most inclement conditions. As hard wearing as it is good looking, the EXO louvre roof system is the product of Manson’s multi-generational pedigree in marine fabrication. Striking aesthetics underwritten by tough, marine-grade durability, the EXO louvre roof system is low maintenance and built to handle NZ’s harsh outdoor conditions.

Powdercoat and woodgrain finishes are available to work in with your existing colour scheme, or add some contrast to broaden your material palette.

Much more affordable than renovating or extending your home, the EXO louvre roof system will maximise your living space and revolutionise your home entertainment game. Even when it’s four seasons in one day outside, inside your EXO louvre roof, the weather’s perfect all year round.

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Waterproof to 10 degrees allowing light to filter in when open, with a sleek tongue-and-groove look when closed. The unique blade design is lightweight and can span up to 3.7m before another bay is required.

Louvre roof blade system


The framework can be customised to suit any space, with spans larger than 5.6m simply requiring another support or laminated beam. All connections have been engineered to be simple, strong, and discreet. The warranties are thorough on all componentry, with 2 years on all electrical and moving parts, 10 years on all finishes, and 20 years on powder coating.


  • Easily configured to fit any sized space
  • Generous wide bays of 3.7m and spans of up to 5.6m (single beam) or 7.2m (laminated beam)
  • Rainproof to 10 degrees open, allowing airflow and light in all weather
  • Integrated drainage system and leak-proof gutter
  • IP67 rated actuator for durability
  • Can be fixed to an existing structure or freestanding
  • New Zealand made using highly durable marine-grade materials
  • Meets NZ building codes NZ building codes, including high wind zones


Match any architectural style with powder coat, anodised or wood grain finishes.




Customise the functionality with a range of optional extras.

Louvre roof rain sensors

louvre roof lighting


Yes, EXO Louvre Systems has an in-house design team for just this purpose. One of our sales team will conduct a site visit to discuss the project and your specific requirements and get agreement on initial design concepts. Our design team will then prepare a concept design drawing, and once this has been signed off, we start work on the full construction drawings. If a PS1 and engineering calculations are required, we will also include these costs at this stage.

Yes, you can. We can fabricate custom brackets to attach to almost any type of house structure. We can discuss fixing options with you at the site visit, as different cladding structures have different requirements. Please note that our standard install does not include any additional building works or flashings. Our system can also be installed without fixing to your house using support posts.

Each region in New Zealand has different building consent regulations. Most regions allow an opening roof of up to 30 square metres to be installed without the need for consent. We recommend always checking with your local council before ordering a EXO Louvre roof.

We offer powder coating, woodgrain finish, or anodised finish. This can all be tailored to your architectural needs. Our pricing includes standard colour powder coating. If you require something different or a specific non-standard colour, we are more than happy to arrange pricing for this.

The EXO Louvre roof system is fully motorised and can be opened and closed at the touch of a button or by remote control. Rain sensors can be added which will automatically close your Louvre roof should precipitation be detected.

Yes. The blades on our louvre roof system are designed specifically to achieve a watertight finish. However, whilst we take all practical steps to ensure your system is as rainproof as possible, under severe weather conditions you may find that small amounts of water become present. The louvre roof is also rainproof to 10 degrees when open, allowing airflow and light in all weather.

All our systems are designed to be low maintenance. Depending on what finish you go for, the maintenance will vary. As a guideline, you should ensure you clean your system every 3 months and remove any dust, salt, dirt, leaves etc from it.

We do not currently offer a DIY kit-set option. All our louvre roofs are professionally installed to a high standard including electrical and plumbing connections.

The EXO louvre systems are manufactured in our Auckland factory out of highly durable materials. We produce a high quality, New Zealand-made system, not an imported product that won’t stand the test of time.

Yes. We have a range of popular optional extras such as LED lighting, Ziptrak blinds, rain and wind sensors and heaters.

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EXO Louvre Systems can handle every aspect of your project in house, from design to manufacture and installation. All our staff are specialists in their area, allowing us to handle projects from start to finish and deliver exactly what our customers are after. With 35+ years’ experience, we are specialists in providing quality product on time and on budget. We are also strong on health and safety and supply detailed warranties and paperwork to ensure a timely warranted consent process.