Manson Gangways are the industry standard.
Our simple and robust design has been optimised for over 28 years. The longitudinal trusses of the Standard Gangway achieve the best weight to strength ratio whilst also functionally forming the handrails and side barriers.

The gangways attach to the abutment of the physical structure via a unique hanging system that allows the gangway to fluidly move with the multi-directional demands of the floating pontoon on which it sits.

The bottom end assembly is a set of rollers and guides that allows the gangway to move independently of the pontoon along the length whilst contained within tracks or guides to prevent sideways movement. 

The bare aluminum finish makes this the most durable and cost-effective as a long-term gangway solution.

With a standard 10-year warranty, our Manson Gangways stand up to the harshest of marine environments.

In addition to the Standard Gangway, Manson has other Gangway options to suit specific functional or aesthetic requirements.

Manson has created a very enviable reputation as one of New Zealand’s premier aluminum and steel solution providers with unique projects such as service platforms, boat cradles, buildings, staging equipment, pontoon decks, gangways, pedestrian bridges, balustrades, canopies, and many more.

Because Manson manufactures everything onsite with an in-house specialist design team, we can provide end-to-end, full-service, tailor-made solutions, delivering on commitments and deadlines.

In close consultation with specifiers, consultants, and project managers – and you the client, our specialist team of engineers, designers, fabricators, and installers, Manson’s specialist team prides itself on overcoming every engineering obstacle to make your project come to life.

Manson is compliant with all New Zealand Health and Safety Regulations and provides product warranties and paperwork necessary to ensure a timely consenting process for their clients and partners.

Why choose Manson?

  • Complete design and installation options
  • Highest quality, low maintenance finish
  • Durable against New Zealand’s harsh outdoor environment
  • 10-year warranty

Manson can handle every aspect of your project in-house, from design to manufacture and installation. Our staff are specialists in their field, allowing us to handle projects from start to finish and deliver exactly what our customers are after. With 35 years’ experience, we are specialists in providing quality products on time and on budget.

Come and see us or give us a call – we’d love to talk to you about your project and help you bring it to life.