Large format Portal Louvres for Hobsonville Point

Chris MaddockBy Chris MaddockApril 15, 20191 Minutes

With all the talk around the last election being around housing (or the lack of it), Hobsonville Point was a name that got bandied about a lot as one of New Zealand’s largest projects. For those who haven’t visited, take it from us, this is going to be a pretty special address once it’s all finished. Manson has been working with a couple of different home builders, and one project we’re really liking the look of is this one for Jalcon Homes. We’re well known for our louvre systems, but probably less well known is what we can do for architects and specifiers on fixed portal louvres. Jalcon is known widely for their angular contemporary stylings and our powder-coated aluminium products work perfectly as sunshades and stylish additions to external cladding. If you haven’t been to Hobsonville Point, “go west young man” as the old prospectors used to say… and keep an eye out for the louvres on the Jalcon Homes!