Custom Engineered Window Surrounds


Manson custom designed and manufactured window surrounds enhance the visual profile of a window often coloured to stand out. Window surrounds are a lightweight exterior option that will transform your existing or planned building without a major re-design.

Custom made to suit any window size or shape, our innovative design is a cost-effective way to increase the street appeal of your property and can be customised to suit residential and commercial requirements.

Manson window surrounds can be used on residential housing, apartments, educational facilities, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, shopping malls, carpark buildings and much more.

With a standard 10-year warranty, Manson window surrounds stand up to the harshest New Zealand environments, making them ideal for all your residential or commercial needs.

Designed window surrounds
Architectural window surrounds


  • Complete design and installation options
  • Colour-matched to your joinery or other architectural features
  • Minimal visual fixing and welds
  • High quality, low maintenance finish
  • Durable against NZ’s harsh outdoor environment
  • Compliant with NZ building code
  • 10-year warranty

Manson can handle every aspect of your project in house, from design to manufacture and installation. All our staff are specialists in their area, allowing us to handle projects from start to finish and deliver exactly what our customers are after. With 35 years’ experience, we are specialists in providing quality product on time and on budget. We are also strong on health and safety and supply detailed warranties and paperwork to ensure a timely warranted consent process.

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