Auckland’s Queens Wharf upgrade – Gangways complete!

Chris MaddockBy Chris MaddockMarch 25, 20212 Minutes

The Manson team have now completed the largest project we have undertaken.

Auckland Transport are constructing a world-class ferry terminal suitable for Auckland’s growing transport needs.  Currently they have six million people a year traveling through the existing terminal and this number is expected to increase.

Six new berths on the west side of Queens Wharf is the first step towards a modern, consolidated ferry terminal for Auckland. This will be the biggest upgrade to Auckland’s ferry infrastructure in more than 100 years and Manson Engineering have played a large part in this project.

Manson Engineering where contracted to complete three large gangways at approximately 33 meters long and 6 meters wide, so we are talking a massive weight and load capacity!

The extensive size of these gangways proved to be a complex project from the beginning.  Requiring a large amount of design hours to ensure the project requirements where not only met but achievable, we had to build a purpose-built factory was required to facilitate the construction of such a large project, and a very difficult transport mission for each gangway was carefully planned.  Each structure was lifted by crane out of our factory, transported on the truck to the Henderson Concourse where it was craned onto a barge and travelled across the harbour to be delivered to its final location on Auckland’s Queens Wharf.

The 3 gangways are now positioned on Auckland’s Queens Wharf taking, over 12,000 fabrication hours this was one of our largest and most rewarding projects yet and we look forward to seeing this world-class ferry terminal project completed.