When Auckland Transport needed to replace an old pontoon and gangway, Manson was pleased to partner with Total Marine to provide the solution. Located at the busy Pier 1B at Auckland’s downtown ferry terminal, and servicing the Devonport route, the brief called for more than a simple ingress and egress. The solution also had to be aesthetically pleasing and sympathetically tie in with the surrounding buildings and architecture.

Developed using the iconic Brisbane River as a reference, the final design incorporates a unique pitched roof structure with timber-clad appearance underneath courtesy of Timber Tech. Lighting on the gangway is done by LED — which we subtly shaped to mirror the M in the Manson logo — and the louvres tie in perfectly with the ancient and modern influences of the Auckland downtown skyline.

We’re extremely pleased with the finished product, as is Auckland Transport. We hope it will greatly improve the AT user experience for many years to come.

CLIENTAuckland TransportPROJECTPier 1 B Ferry Terminal (Devonport Ferry)YEAR2019

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